Biopod 1 Year Limited Parts Warranty

Your Biopod has a limited 1 year warranty (2 years for EU)  that is valid from the date of purchase provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. Your Biopod must be placed on a surface that is flat and levelled and able to withstand the weight of the Biopod when filled with water, gravel etc.
  2. The Biopod was never lifted or moved when it contains water.
  3. The front ventilation strip was covered during any process of water addition or removal.
  4. The misting nozzles are not directed to spray against the front glass or ventilation strip surfaces.
  5. The humidity sensor and camera must be kept free of condensation

This warranty covers leakages arising from either faulty materials or workmanship but excludes aquarium breakage due to misuse, chips, stress cracks caused by improper support or other breakage. The warranty covers electronic components including pumps, fans and camera.

Your warranty does NOT cover any damages that are caused from water damaging any electronic component. Please take care to always make sure that water is not present while handling sensitive electronic components. The warranty coverage also excludes problems or malfunctions that arise from misuse or failure of the Main LED-UV CCFL Light.  The warranty does not cover glass breakage, or breakage of the front door glass or aluminum door track.  While Biopod is capable of simulating the environmental conditions of many different habitats, it is incapable of cooling, and this warranty does not cover inability of the system to reach desired temperatures that are outside of acceptable limits due to external ambient temperatures or light radiation that impacts the system to operate outside of the range of a given species requirements.  Both Generation 1 and Generation 2 Biopod have a natural temperature gradient as a result of the system design, with warmer temperatures near the top of the enclosure.  Please note that “Air temperature” is measured at the very top of the Biopod near the LED panel, and will generally record temperatures that are up to 15 degrees C higher than the ground temperature, depending on the model.  Temperature gradients in this range are considered within the acceptable performance limits.   The Biopod warranty also does not cover problems that arise from a poor Wi-Fi or internet signal, or incompatibility with Wifi equipment or Internet Service Provider settings.

Proper animal and Plant husbandry skills & techniques are a fundamental requirement for the successful care of plants and animals in captivity.  As such, the requirement for a Biopod user to monitor and maintain the proper environmental conditions and care requirements, including but not limited to feeding, fertilization, water quality testing, nutrient supplementation is paramount to maintain required conditions for survival of any species placed inside a Biopod.  The limited 1 year warranty does not cover any losses or claims related to disease, death or otherwise poor success in caring for any inhabitant placed inside of a Biopod.    If any component of the Biopod is defective, or becomes defective, the warranty does not cover any resulting death or deterioration of any living thing placed inside the Biopod because of improper function.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the inhabitants needs are otherwise met.

Warranty Claim Fulfillment

Warranty claim fulfillment involves replacement of defective components “Parts Only” as determined by the sole discretion of Biopod if the claim qualifies to be covered under the warranty, provided that the warranty claim is made within the warranty period.  This limited warranty does not cover any labor required to remove or replace defective parts.   In addition, Biopod does not cover lost wages, wages of employees or any other form of labor or compensation regarding but not limited to the shipping, collection, information gathering, service repair or Biopod setup.

If at some time in the future you have cause to submit a claim under this warranty, you will need to provide proof and date of purchase. Please ensure you retain your receipt for this purpose.  Original Proof of purchase showing the original owner must be provided for a warranty claim to be validated.  In the case of an RMA, Biopod requires you to make a formal declaration by way of printing this Warranty, initial each page, and in legible handwriting at the bottom of the last page, indicate “I, *YOUR NAME*, hereby acknowledge that I have read and accept the terms and conditions of this limited 1 year warranty.”  In addition, Provide your full signature on the last page, write your RMA number on each page and send the completed document to



In order for your Limited 1 year warranty period (2 years for EU) to begin, the following two conditions must both be met:

  1. Payment for the Biopod and any related shipping, handling or related charges must be received in full by Biopod or its authorized distributors or retailers,
  2. Your Biopod must have been received by yourself in good condition with no apparent damage from shipping

Please note that Biopod warranty service will not be provided in situations where there is a payment dispute or claim, and warranty will be considered in force only once any and all claims or disputes over payment amounts or any payment amounts withheld by the customer and/or third party payment processors are released in full to Biopod.  In the case of financing, your payments must be up to date and your account in good standing in order for the warranty to be considered in force and warranty service to be provided.

Termination of warranty occurs at the 1 year anniversary (2 years for EU) of the first two conditions being met, provided that an extended warranty term has not been purchased.

Shipping & Handling

The Warranty does not cover shipping and handling charges for replacement parts, and these charges must be paid to the Biopod Paypal account prior to any warranty or RMA items being shipped.  Contact to obtain a shipping quote.  If either your RMA or parts shipment is damaged by the carrier, Biopod may authorize a replacement to be sent however all shipping costs incurred to re-ship parts or replacement Biopod units remain the sole responsibility of the Buyer.  Biopod is not responsible for misdirected shipments, shipping damage or shipments refused/rejected by the buyer.  If shipping damage has occurred to either your Biopod or warranty parts, you are required to submit a claim for damages with the shipper.  Biopod does not cover damage caused by shipping, and any such damage must be settled with the shipping company.  It is the customer’s responsibility to request and pay for shipping insurance.  If the shipping company refuses to honor a shipping claim, Biopod may, at its sole discretion, offer to honor warranty replacement according to our standard warranty policy, but in no case will Biopod accept responsibility for physically damaged glass.

Is the warranty transferable?

Biopod warranties are only valid for the original purchaser of the product and are non-transferable. An original sales receipt or a valid copy of the receipt is required to establish the purchase date and the original purchaser.  Extended warranties and support may be purchased by contacting us at

What is my warranty duration for a purchased spare part?

The warranty duration for spare parts purchased or supplied by Biopod is 30 days

What is an RMA?

Return Merchandize Authorization (Replacement).  All valid RMA’s will be assigned an authorization number by Biopod Systems Inc.

Will the replacement product be the same as the defective product?

Biopod will replace a defective product at its sole discretion and under very limited cases and/or exceptional circumstances with a new product or with a refurbished product of an equivalent or better functionality.  Please note this option may only be authorized after conventional warranty “parts only” replacement has been deemed ineffective by Biopod at its sole discretion.

If I am authorized to receive an RMA, what do I do with my old Biopod and is the old one still covered under warranty?

If you are authorized by Biopod to receive an RMA, it is your choice what to do with your old Biopod but please do not send it back to the retailer (unless they authorize it) or back to us.  Biopod will not cover any costs associated with the shipping or disposal.  If you choose to continue to use the old Biopod, please note that it will NOT be covered under warranty.

What is the warranty for the replacement product?

A replacement product (RMA) is warranted for the remainder of the original product’s warranty period or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer.


If you have any queries or comments about the operation of this product, please let us try to help you before you return the product to your retailer. Most queries can be handled by visiting our support page at or viewing one of our videos at . If you contact us, please send all relevant information such as model, serial number, age of product, details of set-up, as well as the nature of the problem and photos of the problem paert.

Canada, USA, UK and Australia only:   Emails are generally answered within 7 days, we aim to respond sooner depending on the urgency of the request.

Biopod Systems Inc. wishes you many hours of enjoyment with your Biopod.

Please email for all warranty related questions and claims.