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Why is there algae growing in my Biopod? How can I prevent algae growth? How can I clean off algae?

By August 16, 2017

Algae buildup can occur due to many reasons, such as: contamination, too much fish food, too much light and stagnation of animal waste.
Here are a few ways to prevent algae growth:
1. Consider housing some algae eating fish (such as shrimp, small catfish and freshwater snails).
2. All Biopod fish programs have a maximum of 8 hours of light a day. If you decide to use a custom program, ensure that your settings have a max of 8 hours
of light a day.
3. Avoid feeding your fish too much food; only give them an amount they can eat completely in a few minutes.
4. Ensure your Biopod is cycling water through the living wall. Water cycling will recycle waste nutrients back into plants and will discourage algae growth.
5. Aquatic plants in the water can help reduce the amount of algae accumulation.