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What kind of maintenance does my Biopod require? | Biopod
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What kind of maintenance does my Biopod require?

By August 16, 2017

In general Biopods are low maintenance given the following conditions:
1. The Biopod is properly scaped using our official Biopod scaping tutorial videos, making sure the gravel is washed etc.
2. The proper program is selected and used in the Biopod, this will depend on your setup and type of plants and/or animals you’ve housed in your Biopod.
Using the wrong custom settings may cause your Biopod environment and/or animals to become unstable or unhealthy.
3. The right type of water is used. Tap water with conditioner is okay, but it will leave mineral deposits on the glass which will require occasional cleaning.
We recommend using water with a low mineral conten as this will leave less deposit marks on the glass and require less cleaning.
4. Trimming plants and topping up water levels as required.