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My living wall isn’t working, what do I do?

By August 16, 2017

Here are the most common reasons why your living wall may not be working:
Solution #1:
Your selected program (automatic or custom mode) doesn’t have irrigation turned on – Be sure to use the right program setting so that the irrigation is turned on.
Solution #2:
You hear a loud noise but the living wall isn’t irrigating water – This means there isn’t enough water for the irrigation pump to work and you’ll need to fill the
base of your Biopod with about 3″ of water. If you already have enough water in your Biopod but the living wall still isn’t working, it means your irrigation pump
is air locked. Refer to our guide on how to prime your irrigation pump.
If you’ve already tried solutions 1 & 2 and your living wall still isn’t working, contact our technical support at hey@biopod.com for further assistance.