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How is Biopod different than other terrariums and vivariums available on the market?

By August 16, 2017

The difference is that the Biopod is a complete terrarium/vivarium/paludarium; it comes with all of the essential components necessary to a typical terrarium/vivarium/paludarium setup. Creating such a setup yourself requires a lot of time and the separate purchase of the many parts that make up the housing, such as: lighting, sensors, heating, pumps, nozzles, tubing and many more, often adding up to a hefty price! Building such a setup yourself is
extremely costly, can cause many compatibility issues, needs to be manually adjusted and monitored frequently, and requires you to do an immense amount of research beforehand. With the Biopod, everything is done for you so you can start housing your favorite animals/plants right away with a tap of a button and
watch the Biopod come to life!

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