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Do I need to do anything with the cables in the base of the Biopod before I start scaping?

By October 3, 2017

When you set up your Biopod for the first time, you will see the following cables in the bottom of the tank.
Substrate Heating Cable – this is the blue cable you see spread out along the bottom of the tank. You do not need to move this cable. You can put your gravel/substrate of choice right on top for most scapes. If you are doing a dry desert or arid scape, this cable can be moved and placed above the false bottom to create a dryer environment. Please watch our desert scape video for additional instructions.

Substrate Heat Sensor
– this is the thin black cable with the metal end on it. This measures the ambient temperature in your substrate. This needs to remain above the false bottom to accurately measure the substrate temperature. When scaping your Biopod, you can place your gravel/substrate of choice on top of this sensor.

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