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How do I reset my Biopod? Does the Biopod have a soft/hard reset? | Biopod
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How do I reset my Biopod? Does the Biopod have a soft/hard reset?

By August 16, 2017

Resetting your Biopod is easy. Let’s go over the three types of resets: soft reset, wifi reset (also called a hard reset), and a full reset.
1. A soft reset will refresh the Biopods cache and simply acts as a restart. Please note: This reset should NOT be done when upgrading your Biopod.
To do a soft reset, simply unplug your Biopod, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.
Your Biopod will re-connect automatically to your wifi and continue operating just like before.
2. A wifi reset or a “hard reset” will erase your Biopods wifi configuration and allow you to re-connect your Biopod to wifi.
This is useful if you need to change wifi connections.
Access the back of your Biopod, press and hold the reset button for 6-8 seconds with a pen and let go. You should see some flashing blue lights which signal that
the Biopod is rebooting. Wait 1 minute for the boot cycle to finish before you begin the re-connection process.
3. A full reset combines a hard reset with a soft reset. First you’ll have to do a hard reset as described in step 2.
Then perform a soft reset as described in step 1.

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