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Health Benefits of a Terrarium | Biopod
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Health Benefits of a Terrarium

By September 25, 2018Biopod

The Biopod terrarium is ideal for bringing in peace and inspiration to your space

Are you an avid gardener? Or are you looking for a solution to your needs of gardening or raising indoor plants? Then, Biopod terrariums are your only solution. Before getting started with the benefits, it is important to understand what a terrarium is.

Terrariums are miniature ecosystems, which are generally enclosed within a glass. It is a collection of small terrarium plants that grow within the sealed container.

So, here we share five unique benefits of a terrarium, which might also act as a major part of your home decor;


The indoor terrariums are like miniature gardens, which requires less maintenance. The hydroponics plants add life to your rooms and keep the spirit high. Moreover, the terrariums come in different shapes as well as sizes. So, depending on your room’s size, you can check on to the different range of terrariums and incorporate them into home decor.

Stress relief:

Fed up with your daily stressful life? Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the fast city life? Well, then terrariums are your only savior. The miniature gardens can induce a sense of calmness within you and take away all your worries. Moreover, those of us, who mainly live a sedentary lifestyle, committed to the desk-bound jobs often have to look into the computer screens for an extended time period. Infusing your workplace and homes with green plants or say, terrariums can definitely help in relieving the stress factor.

In-house garden:

You don’t have to obtain a degree in horticulture for taking care of a terrarium. It is easy, fun and requires less maintenance. It becomes self-sustaining once the equilibrium, with internal water content has been reached. Make sure that there is neither too much moisture or little moisture content in it. The watering intervals are fixed and for close-terrariums, we recommend you to water it eight times a month. For open ones, water it five times every two days. Seems easy, right?


You know, what is the best part of a terrarium? Well, its portability. You can mix and match to different parts of your rooms and office in order to achieve the excellent blend of interior decor.

Reconnect with wild outdoors:

Yes, terrariums allow you to reconnect with the wild outdoors. So, if you are an absolute nature lover, but dislikes spending time on gardening, these hydroponics plants are the one and only solution for you. Let this self sustaining miniature gardens do wonders!

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