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Biopod Eden: the smallest of all, ideal for smaller plants and animals | Biopod
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Biopod Eden: the smallest of all, ideal for smaller plants and animals

By September 24, 2018Biopod

 Phytosphere: the indoor forest, the nature that will remain untouched in Biopod Eden

When you cannot grow your plants outdoors, you can easily create one in a Biopod Eden that fits on a table top. The Biopod Eden is the smallest of all, ideal for tiny plants and animals. It can be a wonderful gift for your favorite species and also, to yourself. The one and only drawback of this beauty is its gorgeous outlook that might steal the spotlight on you. The Biopod Eden is smaller in size, which has the power of attracting all the attention of the plant lovers. Trust us, indoor gardening and pet care has never been this easy!

Whether you do not have a room for gardening, or say, your climate is not accommodating the horticulture crops you want to grow, Biopod Eden can be your ultimate solution. The smallest model of the all has so much to provide you with. Moreover, due to its moisture content, Biopod Eden needs minimal care to produce healthy crops or vegetables. Come; let’s have a look to its beneficial aspects. Not everyone has the time, space and dedication to keep more than hundred plants alive in their garden. However, just because they do not have the green thumbs, does not mean that they cannot take care of a Biopod Eden.

So firstly, the miniature gardens in a glass container have a very small footprint. The app controlled microhabitat automatically regulates light, temperature, rainfall and ventilation. Seed or plant your favorite plants species, mushrooms or herbs into the Biopod Eden. From growing orchids in the greenhouse to horticulture crops and tiny animals, Biopod Eden is your perfect companion. It perfectly fits into your rooms and adds a bit of greenery to your apartment. On top of it, they require minimal maintenance.

Secondly, all different kinds of plants can be grown in the Biopod Eden. The plants you use however, depends on whether the model is closed or open. A closed one creates humid environment and thus, the plants like ferns thrive. The open ones are comparatively drier and thus, consider growing cacti, herbs like mint and thyme, succulents. Furthermore, be creative as much as possible. One can also add some pebbles of different colors and other sorts of accessories into it. This smaller Biopod model is ideal for your office, as well. So, with a smaller footprint than other models of Biopod, the Biopod Eden makes a gorgeous addition to any décor, be it your home or workplace.

Thirdly, overwatering can injure your plant’s life and cause them to rot. It can disturb the ecological balance your pet ideally prefers. However, with Biopod Eden, you do not have to worry about all these, at all. It replicates the unique cycle of rainfall and leaves your pod hydrated and that too, in adequate manner. It not only saves you enough time, but also lessens the risk of your pet’s and plant’s discomfort. Do not worry! Simply, watch your tiny animals and plants grow. Your very own habitat will be up and running in absolutely, no time. Not only you will get to enjoy all the benefits of a fully automated system, but also you need not have to worry about its environmental settings. You can monitor your Biopod Eden from any part of the world and that too, through your mobile application.

From a mini rainforest for your favorite pets, to a vegetable and herb garden for your lovely kitchen, Biopod Eden makes it easy for all. Simply tell us what you want to raise and we will create the ideal environment for your pets and plants. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is! Moreover, it is a nice thing to have a greenery or pet at your place, which does not even require a lot of work. In turn, it adds up to your room’s décor. So, living with a natural environment is very good for your room, good for the air as it balances the temperature. Furthermore, it is good for your mood as it boosts oxygen and makes you more and more productive.

A Biopod Eden, as compared to a potted plant, requires minimal maintenance. The basic reason for this is its self-sustaining ecosystem, where the gases and water are re-circulated in a constant manner. So, even if you are busy as bee or say, a bit forgetful, a Biopod Eden is the ideal garden for you! Come and do not hesitate to put your green fingers to gardening. Just gift yourself a miniature garden and this will not take up too much time and space, as well.

Building your very own garden from the scratch can take up too much space and time of yours. However, with Biopod Eden, everything becomes so easy. What’s more? Well, its portability! You will get to take your miniature garden anywhere you go. Be it your office desk, or your living room coffee table; the Biopod Eden will fit into anywhere and everywhere, adding up to the lively environment. So, for all the beginners out there; try out this super easy technique of gardening or raising pets. Trust us, you will love it! Moreover, gardening can be more expensive, at times. You might have to purchase all your gardening stuffs and motivate yourself to start the work. Additionally, if you are that kind of a person, who gets so bored easily, a Biopod Eden is just the right thing for you!

Biopod has connected ecology with technology to generate the supreme experience for you. So, it is now time for you to make the most of your experience with these versatile pods. Be it your office space or your home, Biopod Eden is the most suitable thing for all the nature lovers. And yes, let’s face it; our daily life can be beyond stressful, at times. With Biopod Eden, relieve your stress as it also acts as a stress buster. Come, let’s grow these beautiful species together and make a beautiful addition to your room décor. Add life to your rooms! Add nature to your space!

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