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Bring Nature In: Give Your Child a Daily Dose of Nature without Leaving the House | Biopod
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Bring Nature In: Give Your Child a Daily Dose of Nature without Leaving the House

By August 26, 2018Biopod

The urban parent has one ubiquitous dilemma regarding their children; a fairly modern predicament that the previous generation could never have anticipated – the kids are not going out enough! Adults, now in their middle-ages, must remember quite a few reprimands and rebukes for spending too much time outside, in games with their peers or just mindless loitering along the neighbouring alleys. To them, this increasing disinterest from children towards spending time outdoors is somewhat mystifying.

The global panic about children being cut off from nature has given rise to a number of studies by esteemed child biologists, environmentalists, and psychology professionals. The problem has been found to be so severe that experts have coined a term for it: Nature Deficit Disorder. While calling it a disorder might be a stretch, the terminology attempts to emphasize the significant drop in time spend outdoors, mostly due to the presence of electronic entertainment devices close at hand.

However, technology doesn’t deserve full blame for the situation. Most parents would agree that due to the incremental development in urban areas, there are hardly any open spaces or pockets of unadulterated greenery left for children to while their leisure time away in. The concrete structures that have come up in and around the city make it difficult, if not impossible to let your kids play outside on their own. Keeping these limitations in mind, what can one do to make sure that their children are spending enough time in nature?

One great way to re-introduce your child to nature, its beauty, and how things work in the natural is to bring the outdoors in. Biopod, an indoor microhabitat offers just the opportunity you are looking for. Instead of making your child fall prey to various ailments related to increased use of phones, gaming consoles, and computers, the Biopod technology is educational and fun! It helps you replicate a number of natural ecosystems inside your house and watch them thrive. The simulated rain and sunlight feature of the microhabitat will help your child learn firsthand, how the elements of nature are responsible for growth and change.

It can houses a wide range of exotic shrubs, herbs, moderately tall plants, and aquatic vegetation – an exhaustive list can be found on the Biopod app. Would your child love an exotic pet? Biopod can also be home to unique pets like frogs, small reptiles, butterflies etc.

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