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How Does Biopod Facilitate Education And Research? | Biopod
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How Does Biopod Facilitate Education And Research?

By August 14, 2018Biopod

Whether you are a student of botany with research interests in how the natural world works or just want to dabble with gardening and work with exotic plants and animal species, owning a Biopod can alter and enhance your experience in many ways. Users from various walks of life and diverse intentions and interests will find use of this amazing micro-habitat which can be controlled through a smart-phone app. Ready to play the God of nature? Let’s take a look into the various ways in which you can put a Biopod to use:

Show what you teach

If you an educator, you must have noticed that students learn more from what you show them than what you teach them verbally. In order to understand the workings of the natural environment and observe how plants and animals interact with their surroundings, one needs to be in and around nature often. What if we told you that instead of planning excursions and field trips, you can simply bring nature into your classroom?

Biopod Grand or the smaller, more compact variation Terra is a great appliance to have in a classroom. Not only will it make students more attentive and interested in your class, but it will enhance both your teaching and their learning experience.

Build your own ecosystem

If you are a gardening enthusiast, you have surely wondered how it would be like to have rain, moisture, sunlight, and soil quality control on your fingertips. With Biopod, we have made this dream come true! This is truly a micro-habitat where you can play God and tweak the details as per your requirements and build the ecosystem you want.

Do you think your orchids need more light? Just adjust the LED panel. Would your succulents thrive with just some adjustments to moisture and temperature? The controls are on the palm of your hand!

Hands-on experience

If you are into research, there is nothing better than hands-on experience with the subject of your interest. And what can offer you a better research opportunity than a device which puts all its elements under your control?

Inside the transparent box of the Biopod, it is a world that thrives according to your wishes, which self-regulates the various natural factors depending on the instructions you have given! Additionally, the Biopod app also helps you collect and store data as well as offers ample time for you to analyse the findings and plan your next course of action.

An opportunity like never before

Never before, in the history of education and innovation, has a device like Biopod been so easily available to the public. Everything from the shape, controls, simulated natural elements and deft technology come together to make it the perfect representation of new age scientific progress. With innovative technology such as Biopod, there is no limit to what can be achieved. Check out the several variations offered and we assure you, if you love nature, you will love Biopod!

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