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4 Natural Habitats You Can Replicate In Your Home or Office | Biopod
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4 Natural Habitats You Can Replicate In Your Home or Office

By July 16, 2018Biopod

The swampy and green Amazon rainforest or the stark, barren beauty of the Sahara – you can now own a slice of these beautiful landscapes in your private space!
It is every hobbyist gardener’s dream to be able to control temperature, aeration and moisture conditions as easily as switching a light switch on and off. It is by offering this advanced next level freedom in your private garden that Biopod allows you to plant and sustain several beautiful habitats exactly how they appear in nature. Let’s take a closer look!

With an almost constant temperature with minimal range and high humidity all year round, the rainforest is one of the most growth-conducive habitats in the world. It boasts of dense foliage and is one of the most biologically rich areas on the planet. Sadly, due to human interference and extraction of resources, the rainforests are suffering. You can now own your own slice of this bio-diverse habitat and replicate its weather conditions in your home! Besides plants and flowering shrubs, you can also pet geckos, frogs and other exotic insects in this microhabitat.

The pond ecosystem can be an interesting one to build in your home. If you are an aquatic animals and plants enthusiast, the Biopod aquatic versions are sure to delight you. Not only are these a re-imagined take on decorative aquariums, they can support a variety of plants and animals that a traditional aquarium is incapable of sustaining. Aquatic plants in a replicated microhabitat are a great addition to classrooms and labs at schools and colleges. They are the perfect combination of interesting and educational!

Semi-aquatic plants are one of the most visually appealing sights in the natural world. These grow alongside water sources or take root under the water and break the water surface to grow out. Along with these plants, a Biopod can also house small fish, shrimp and other small aquatic animals. Therefore, if you want the best of the aquatic and terrestrial world, a semi-aquatic habitat offers the perfect blend of both!

If you are not a fan of big green leaves and dense foliage but like to go the minimalist route, a pretty desert habitat is the right one for you. Here, you can grow succulents, cacti, and other plants that prefer low-moisture and humidity settings. The vast expanses of deserts are also dotted with some of the most interesting animals seen in our world. If you have an unusual pet, give it the perfect home in a Biopod!

The best thing about having an app-controlled microhabitat is that your setup need not be focused on plants that share a physical habitat. As long as the growth factors such as temperature, water and aeration requirements are somewhat similar, you can plant a beautiful flower garden with plants and shrubs from all over India and the world. It is the perfect opportunity to mix and match your favorite flowering plants and bear witness to their lush, healthy growth with minimal effort.

The limitations of the local weather conditions will never be a hurdle in planning your private garden again!

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