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Can you believe these beautiful plants might soon become extinct? | Biopod
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Can you believe these beautiful plants might soon become extinct?

By June 30, 2018Biopod

The depth of the natural world has, since times immemorial, inspired artists and encouraged men of science to ask questions that have changed the world. It has thrilled painters, thrown writers into blissful frenzy, and left anyone who has tried to capture its beauty in words or colours feeling a little more alive. After all, what can match the exhilaration of watching a flower bloom, its petals unfolding or a colossal tree grow from a tiny seed?

But it has been decades since environmentalists, botanists, and conservation scientists have detected trouble in paradise and warned the world of the consequences. Due to excessive and mostly disruption human interference in nature the natural world is suffering, and it has been reported that almost one-fourth of all the plant species in the world are on the endangered list. Take a look at some beautiful plants that are facing the possibility of extinction and keep an eye out for how you can help them!

Malabar Lily
Growing in the wild on the Western Ghats in the Deccan Plateau of India, the Malabar Lily is a small herb whose leaves grow closely attached to the stem. Unfortunately, this sweet-smelling, flowering herb has now entered the endangered and threatened list.

Blue Vanda Orchid
Blue or Purple Vanda Orchids are often known to be one of the most sought after orchids in the world owing to their vibrant colour and beautiful shape. Sadly, these rare and valuable flowers are on the verge of extinction these days and owning to their endangered status, it is illegal to uproot vanda orchids from the wild. These rare orchids can be grown in a Biopod, and temperature controls can be set to match their natural habitat exactly.

Folk Fern
The unique thing about this plant is that it grows without any roots, flowers, or leaves. Appropriately nicknamed skeleton, this plant grows in lumps and has recently entered the rare list. Even though this native plant from Karnataka, India is not endangered yet, it might soon be so if the adequate steps for its conservation are not taken.

Baseball Plant
This fun shaped plant is naturally found only in the Great Karoo region of South Africa its habitat has been on a steady decline. A common garden plant which can be bought from some nurseries and gardening centers, it might soon disappear from private gardens. A major reason from its demise is its illegal and unsustainable harvest by unauthorized exporters.

Underground Australian Orchid
This unique orchid is known for the way that the flower grows almost into the ground so that some of the petals touch the soil, earning the plant its popular name. Unfortunately, these pretty blossoms might soon be a thing of the past owing to drought and pollution in its habitat.
A combination of changing environmental factors, habitat destructions, and conditions like excess or insufficient moisture has are some of the major reasons behind these plants being on the brink of possible extinction. Do you part for nature by respecting the natural environment around you and giving home to some rare plants in your Biopod.

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