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Do Your Part: 7 Small Ways to Protect the Environment | Biopod
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Do Your Part: 7 Small Ways to Protect the Environment

By June 6, 2018Biopod

Saving the environment might seem like a distant, unreachable goal which is bound to require an enormous amount of effort on your part but the truth is that you can start small! Just like in most things in life, the secret to success is in the details. If you are interested in building a better, healthier world and leaving the planet a better place than we found it, here are 7 baby steps that you can start with:

Mind the Taps
Environmentalists are always crying “Save Water!” and the truth is that water conservation is one of the most pressing environmental issues faced by the world today. There are fresh water rivers, lakes, and other water bodies around the world that have dried up due to changing climatic conditions or their water has been rendered useless due to pollution. The next time you are using water for cooking, chores or bathing, make sure that there is minimum wastage.

Go Paperless
In the current technological age that we live in, going paperless is one of the most effortless steps that you can take to do your part for nature. Although scientists around the world are trying to come up with alternatives to paper made from trees, most of the paper in the world is a product of expansive deforestation even today. Reduce your paper usage by streamlining your mail to your electronic mailbox and print only what you have to.

The Three R’s
One of the best ways to ensure that your contribution to environmental conservations has a proper impact is to try the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra. Every time you purchase a product that will eventually create waste, try and look for green alternatives. Buying secondhand products and finding a way to use things that you don’t need any more is a great way to “reuse”. Lastly, always recycle plastic!

Take Car Care Seriously
Once a month, check the pressure of each of your car tires against the guidelines listed in your car's manual and add air if needed. Doing this can improve mileage by about 3 percent, thus saving fuel and reducing pollution in the long run. Make sure to replace filters regularly. A new oxygen sensor alone can improve mileage by as much as 15 percent.

What is Your City Doing?
Almost all major cities in India have various conservation programs organized by the government as well as other NGOs. Try to find out where your city stands when it comes to pollution prevention and seek out groups that organize events centered on environment protection. Spend a weekend volunteering and we bet you will feel great!

Say No to Littering
Littering doesn’t only destroy the aesthetics of the surroundings but it is also a big environmental issue. Hundreds of tons of waste end up in our water bodies and wastelands, wreaking havoc to biodiversity. Littering might seem like a small issue in the face of huge impacts that human actions are having on the environment but saying no to littering is a great place to start.

Invest in a Biopod
Biopod is the world’s first smart habitat system that can singlehandedly help the cause of nature conservation is a number of ways. With its app-controlled features, you can simulate the conditions of various different ecosystems and sustain exotic plant and animal life from around the world. This amazing invention can also be used to grow your own herbs, vegetables, and some fruits, thus helping the organic living cause!

As you can see, going green is easier than you think but the impact of your actions can be huge. Once you have explored the various ways in which you can go green without blowing your budget or disrupting your lifestyle, encourage your friends and family to do the same. After all, we all have one home. Towards a greener future!

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