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By October 12, 2016Biopod


When it comes to making a home for your pet or plants, whether it is setting up your own terrarium, aquarium, or paludarium, a big barrier to access is the process of assembly.

One route is to watch this video three or four times and try to follow along to make your own vivarium. Or you can read your way through it and follow these instructions as supplied by Reptile Magazine.com: 1. Choose an enclosure. 2. Build the lighting. 3. Put in a background. 4. Establish the plumbing. 5. Layer on the substrate. Sub-component: according to ReptileMagazine.com you can create your own substrate: by using: 2 parts coconut husk fiber, 1 part coconut husk chunks, 1 part milled sphagnum moss) 6. Decorate the enclosure. 7. Add some Chlorophyll 8. Live and let grow. 9 After proper growth introduce amphibians. Starting to feel like a lot? Fear not, there is an easier way.

Whether you are looking to care for your dart frogs, poisonous frogs, small tree frogs, small to medium sized reptiles (geckos, chameleons), small to medium sized fruiting plants, vegetables, aquatic animals (turtles, fish), and or medium to large sized reptiles (snakes), Biopod can do the tough stuff for you.

Again, you can totally build your own vivarium, Martha Stewart will even walk you through how to do it, but remember that when tending to traditional pet homes, they require regular maintenance, such as once-a-week cleaning. Perhaps you are a young working professional, with a desire to enjoy the soothing and emotional benefits of smart pet and plant care, but without the added stress of daily watering, adjusting lighting, weekly cleaning and making sure there is always enough food for comfort. The great thing about a Biopod is that it is already intelligently engineered to account for all of your plant or pet’s needs.

Let’s walk through a few aspects to these benefits.

For example, with Terrariums, it’s important to check the soil often and water as necessary. This is both time consuming, and subject to error. Terrarium’s, unlike potted plants, retain all the water that is poured in, making it more susceptible to over-watering, which can injure your plant life by causing them to rot, and disturb the eco-balance your pet prefers. However, with Biopod’s Integrated Misting ®, a 2-liter reservoir replicates the unique rainfall cycles of natural habitats, leaving your pod properly hydrated, and saving you time, and your pet risk of discomfort.

One pet owner thought it would be fun to convert a reef tank to a vivarium, and this is what he had to say about it, “Thus began a process that would span many months, a build that is in reality, still ongoing.” It can in reality take months to assemble your own eco-habitat for your plant or pets, and even with the best DIY equipment, and a tenacious attitude, you still will not be able to replicate many of the features of a Biopod. One keen example of this is lighting.

In the DIY version, it goes something like this,  “I replaced all the bulbs with more plant-appropriate lighting (combination of 5,000K and 6,500K bulbs) and installed timers for a cool, dawn-to-dusk effect. The light cycle starts each day with the LED lights coming on, followed by the T5 fluorescent bulbs and finally the metal halide bulbs for maximum lighting. These steps are reversed at the end of the day.” Sound tricky? On the other hand Biopods come built with the industry’s leading LED light panel which closely replicates the natural sunlight spectrum boasting a soft 5000K color temp and high PAR value (PAR is crucial for photosynthesis), which promotes plant growth.  Additionally, the do it your self version doesn’t include a compact and powerful UVB-emitting CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) better replicating the sun’s output, safely allowing Vitamin D in animals, and further stimulating growth in a range of plants. When it comes to purchasing your plant or pet’s home, a little additional money up front can save you time, maintenance, and wasted energy over the long haul.

Another example is the process of heating, for this there are a variety of methods: cables, pads, under water heaters, radiant lamps, and many others. Whichever of these methods be selected this process also requires a digital thermometer to make certain you are providing the optimal range of warmth. But guess what? With Biopod’s Integrated Heating ®, individual heaters regulate the temperature in the substrate and in the air, adjusting each to match the habitat preferred by your plant or pet amphibian. Different species require different temperatures in the substrate and in the air, with Biopod remote access programming, all you need to do is download the app, let it know what you are caring for, and it will automatically produce the heated settings desired for your specific pod. Now that’s growth made easy.

Perhaps this remotely accessible cloud base, which Biopod draws from over 45 years of research, is the coup de grace on whether or not to purchase a smart habitat. The cloud base intelligently applies settings that your plant or pet prefers. With traditional vivariums and aquariums, light bulbs can have different degrees of intensity, they can cut out, or they can emit too much light. Also, with traditional tanks, airflow and moisture are not typically regulated to mimic natural settings, but with Biopod’s Advanced Sensory Feedback  ®, integrated sensors continually monitor and regulate temperature, humidity, rainfall and ventilations. Via remotely accessible cloud based computing, you can, rest assured, know that in each moment your pet is getting all of the precise amounts of light, airflow, moisture, and temperatures that it requires.

Lastly, in case you are away from your smart habitat, and you want to check in on your plants or pets to make sure they are okay, Biopod’s smart habitats include an HD Camera complete with full 720p viewing, enabling you to, by simply accessing your app via your smart phone, to check in on your plants or pets in real time, and make sure everything is going according to plan. There is no greater reassurance to concerned pet and plant owners than real time access to viewing and observing your pod. Biopod weaves technology with ecology to generate for you a supremely interconnected experience.

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