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Three Reasons Biopod Can Make Your Life Easier | Biopod
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Three Reasons Biopod Can Make Your Life Easier

By May 27, 2016Biopod

Biopod is the world’s first smart microhabitat. You can grow a miniature rainforest for your pet lizard, create an indoor vegetable or herb garden for your kitchen, or simply enjoy the flora-producing environment while effortlessly growing plants indoors that brighten up your living space by adding a spice of green to your interior décor. But beyond these obvious attributes, here are three main reasons that Biopod can make my life easier.

1) “Water while you’re away.”

Biopod is an industry pioneer in Automated Excellence.

Imagine you are planning a trip, perhaps it is a week vacation in the Caribbean, maybe you are visiting your spouse’s parents for the weekend, or possibly you have a weeklong conference for work, which doesn’t permit you to be home for several days at a stretch. As many gardeners can attest, one of the main reasons they might not consider going on a vacation or a work-related trip is that their flora friends require regular attention.  

For plant lovers where there was once fretting there is now freedom. No more pre-planning, hurried phone calls to find a sitter, the rigmarole required to teach that person how your plants like to be cared for, (and the money it requires), or possibly worst of all, deciding not to go altogether.

Based on over 50 years of biological research, Biopods are automatically tailored to your plants preferable habitat. Using Biopod’s pioneering pre-programmable technology, which includes Integrated Misting, Biopur Air Injection, Integrated Heating, and Advanced Sensory Feedback, all of which are customizable in real-time on the Biopod cloud, plant owners can now travel knowing they are providing the highest quality service to their flora, while they are away.  

So, if you are considering a visit with the in-laws, attending a weekend work related conference, or simply in need of a romance novel on a sunny beach, you’ll have full comfort and confidence in both the health and well being of your plant or herb garden.

2) “Keep an eye on your pod.”  

Your Biopod can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Sometimes pet owners just want to know that their little buddies are okay. Another reason pet and plant owners are reticent to leave their friends alone for a while is because, well, they just aren’t sure how it makes them feel.

You might wonder, is my pet motionless in its cage pining for my return? Are my plants absorbing their daily nutrients and still looking vibrant? Is my lizard or snake happily moving about and enjoying its verdurous habitat? These questions and other behavior related considerations are now accounted for. Where there was once concern for the experience of your pet or plants, there is an opportunity for peace of mind.

Often when we are away from our pets it would be so much easier if we could just see them for a little bit. There is an intimate relationship between sight and care, and now that gap can be closed from a distance.

Biopods 1080p HD viewing camera, which is accessible through the Biopod App, (and available for download on your iPhone or Android), let’s you observe your plants or pets within the Biopod in real time. Though you already have the comfort of knowing your BioPod can do the work while you’re away, you are also provided with the intimacy of being able to drop in on your buddies whenever you see fit, and adjust the automated settings to best suit your habitat and its inhabitants.

The view-and-operate from a distance feature of Biopod provides inroads to a new level of plant and pet care excellence. Many sophisticated growers, who work in the domains of aquaponics, require daily observation of their flora in order to ensure they are demonstrating proper growth characteristics.

Beyond the technical advantage provided through observation, such as insight into from the behavior of your plants or pets, which informs your real-time adjustments, (“She looks cold.” Or “It’s too dry, let’s mist more.”), is an emotional benefit. According to an article in the Boston Globe, “watching swimming fish lowers blood pressure.”

That’s right, simply viewing, in this case, your Aqua Plant and Décor Biopod, will actually make you healthier.  

The article goes on to explain the research of Biologist Meg Olmert, author of the book, “Made For Each Other”, which focuses on relationships between humans and other mammals, (mainly dogs and cats) and has synthesized over twenty years of data. Olmert points to one significantly beneficial ingredient involved in the care of another individual, even if from a different species, which is a particular neuropeptide called oxytocin.

The well-known effects of oxytocin, which you may have heard as being a sort of love drug, include slowed breathing and heart rate, inhibited production of stress hormones, and generating an overall sense of ease and calm. Clinical Psychologist Carol Rinkleib Ellison describes oxytocin, “It’s like a hormone of attachment, you might say.”

What has long been known in the hearts of caring mothers may also be true for pet owners, namely, that your pets impact the neurochemistry of your brain.

3) “Curb your conscience.”

Biopod can preserve flora and fauna integral for the ecology of planet.

Granted, endangered species of flora and fauna dissipate, or proliferate, naturally, according to the overall conditions of its self-regulating habitat.

However, due to human proclivities such as population growth, increased consumption, and fossil fuel usage, which can influence shifts in climate change, many species that are integral for the self-regulatory capacity of a habitat, such as frogs, are unfortunately, considered at risk.

In May of 2014 Science Magazine published a study, which indicated endangered species are dying at a rate 1,000 times greater than that which would be expected at a natural rate, that is, without the intervention of humans. Dr. Stuart Pimm of Duke University, a leading conservation biologist, says that if it were not for conservation efforts, this would in fact be 20% greater.  

Biopod CEO Jared Wolfe originally created Biopod to replicate rainforest conditions that could save an endangered species of frog. Frogs, like bees, are crucial for natural habitats. Since, 2004, frog populations have declined as much as 95%, due to a deadly virus called bD, which clogs frogs pours and causes them to have a heart attack. The Washington Post reports on the virus as, “What may be the greatest disease driven loss of biodiversity in recorded history, hundreds of frog species around the world are facing extinction.”

Biopod provides an opportunity for conservation of endangered flora and fauna and was born out of that care. With Biopod you can become a part of this movement by creating your own microcosmic rainforest habitat, or by preserving your local and or endangered flora or fauna.

If interested in further research, consider reading this article published by The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, on the need for species preservation, or visiting such websites as SavingSpecies.org, or Endangered.org, (the latter suggests ten easy ways you can assist with environmental conservation).

Hopefully these three reasons will provide you an interest in acquiring and maintaining your very own Biopod!


For media inquiries contact Tom Lam at tlam@biopod.com