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Latest Crowdfunding Update | Biopod
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Latest Crowdfunding Update

By April 15, 2016Biopod

Hello Backers!

Quick update to let you know how production is coming along.

We’ve completed numerous molds and are currently waiting on the remaining molds to be completed. In total there are 52 molds that make up the different models. We have an agreement from our production partner for an initial run to be completed for the first week of May. If all goes as planned, our engineers will be at our production facility to pass all the parts and start a formal production run shorty after. A clear delivery schedule will also be provided at this time.

We’ve made some improvements to a number of different parts. Here is an example of one of them.

Camera and sensor enclosure. 

Two Direction Air Flow
Two Direction Air Flow

The earlier design of this part only allowed for air to enter into the sensor from bottom to top. We have redesigned two directional openings (bottom to top and side to side) which now ensures that we will receive optimal readings from the sensor.

Improved Insulation
Improved Insulation

We have also improved the insulation between the camera cable and sensors.  The combination of extra insulation and increased airflow helps keep the heat produced from the camera away from the heating and humidity sensors.


Biopod App
Biopod App

The Biopod app has been going through a considerable amount of testing these past few weeks. We are finally at a stage that we feel comfortable submitting it to the App Store and Google Play for review. This will happen early next week and we will let you all know as soon as its available.


New Website
New Website

The new website will be launching April 21. It’s packed full of new information and images that we hope you will enjoy. The site will be on our new domain at www.biopod.com


Our team has been working non stop for the past 10 months ensuring that we bring a world class product to our Backers and to the general market. We have had an overwhelming amount of encouragement from you all. The response to Biopod has been nothing short of incredible. From talks with the Smithsonian, global conservation groups (big and small)  and Zoos from around the globe to working with some of the largest distributors and retailers (again big and small) we could not have gone this far without your support and encouragement. Thank You!

The Biopod Team